Where the big things are, 1983

Where the big things are, 1983. In the first edition of The cane toad times, an irreverent journal about all things Queensland, an article on ‘Big Things’ featured this map. The paper stated, ‘In Queensland, we are unusually blessed with Big Things; the joy of the Big Mower, the awe of the Big Car Stereo, the effort of emptying enough stubbies to build the Big Stubbie, the ludicrousness of the Big Seagull holding a lawn bowl, the shabbiness of the Big Clown and the Big Flagman at Santaland, the terror of the Big Hammer poised to pulverise cars venturing to Ipswich – these Big Things and many others enrich our lives.’ It was estimated that there were at least 50 ‘Big Things’ within 100 miles of Brisbane. The cane toad times, September 1983

The cane toad times
Date captured: 
29 April 2011
Date created: 
29 April 2011
Date issued: 
1 January 1983
Collection of Anne Jones and The cane toad times