Divisions in the landscape.

Rounding a bend in Brisbane’s wide, slow river the Breadalbane comes into view. Excitable crowds filling the jetty and the lawns behind break into cheers and flag-waving. Cue the music.

For more than one hundred years Queensland’s main mental health facility was based on the banks of the Brisbane River near Goodna.

The Brisbane River divides Queensland’s capital city and threads its way through the suburbs and into its hinterland.

Queensland has always been known for its extremes.

By the 1850s Queensland’s greatest value to colonists was the pastoral potential of its land, all of which had been claimed by the British Crown.

Between September 1824 and late 1839 a small remote penal settlement was established at Moreton Bay on Australia’s north-eastern coast.

Following a surprise win in the formerly safe Labor seat of Oxley at the March 1996 federal election (where she attracted a nation-high swing to her of 19.3%), Pauline Hanson and her divisive views

It’s said that things don’t change much or too quickly in Queensland – yet in the space of eleven years, the State’s electoral map changed shades from a dominant orange to a sea of blue, underlinin

'Those in the town were apathetic as to what happened in the bush, and the people in the bush knew no better, and were content to leave things as they were.

Queensland possesses two Indigenous groups: Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders.

Palm Island is situated in north Queensland, 65 kilometres northwest of Townsville, in Halifax Bay. It is the largest Indigenous community of Queensland.

Queensland is governed from a state capital located a great distance from the majority of its land area.

What separate spheres do women and men inhabit, and is there a particular Queensland style?

Before the Aboriginals Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act 1897 was introduced, many Aboriginal people lived within the boundaries of their own ‘country’ according to cultu

The imposition of a new and dominant system of law was an important part of the European settlement of Queensland.

The 27 May 1967 national Referendum was a turning point in Queensland’s political landscape, though not in the manner ordinarily conceived.

Australia has a long history of groups trying to create their own ideal society.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, two visions of a white tropical Queensland vied for ascendancy. One was based on the principle of white dominance.