Sketch guide map of the Queensland Railways, 1904

Sketch guide map of the Queensland Railways, 1904. Showing all railway stations, sidings, and mileage with heights above sea level. This map depicts all the railway lines including the isolated Normanton to Croydon line. Box sections detail parcel carriage and delivery rates within Queensland and interstate. Marked on the map are principal stations, ordinary stations, private lines, lines under construction and refreshment stations. It includes the maximum price authorised to be charged at railway refreshment rooms in 1904 as 2 shillings and 6d for lunch and dinner (consisting of soup, poultry or hot joint with potatoes and other vegetables, pudding or pastry, bread, butter and cheese with fruit and a cup of tea or coffee) or 2 shillings for breakfast and supper.  Collection of Queensland State Archives

Watson Ferguson & Co Lithographers, Brisbane
Date captured: 
1 November 2010
Date created: 
1 November 2010
Date issued: 
1 January 1904
Collection of the Queensland State Archives