Location plan, Mt Etna Fertilisers, 1924

Location plan, Mt Etna Fertilisers, 1924. This map displays the extent of mining leases taken over the Caves area as early as 1924 and shows Mount Etna in the centre of the map on mining lease R444. The map appeared in the Prospectus of the Mt Etna Fertiliser company when they issued a call for investment. The company noted that, ‘From the small beginning the business has greatly increased, other leases being obtained from the Crown, particularly Mt. Etna proper, with very large caves and with enormous quantities of Guano and Limestone'. These enormous quantities of limestone would continue to be sought after when other mining companies came to Mount Etna. And it was between cavers and miners that conflict would arise at Mount Etna. From Prospectus: Mt Etna fertilisers Ltd, Brisbane, 1924, Collection of the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

Mt Etna Fertilisers
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17 June 2011
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17 June 2011
Date issued: 
1 March 1924
State Library of Queensland
The Caves, QLD
23° 10' 37.974" S, 150° 27' 31.7844" E