Durundur Estate Map (Mount Kilcoy), 1902

Durundur Estate Map (Mount Kilcoy), 1902. This estate plan available free for distribution, advertisers the selection of 38 portions of land in Mount Kilcoy, to be open for selection at the Woodford Court House on and after Tuesday 21 October 1902 at 11 o’clock. It was printed and published at the Survey Office, Department of Public Lands, Brisbane in September 1902. C.H. Baird was the Licensed Surveyor. It features a scene of the Lagoon above Mount Kilcoy Head Station. Also included are the terms and conditions of selection, railway and road mileage information, and a detailed list of the schedule of lots available with purchase price and fees. The map itself provides a brief indication of the nature of the land including ‘well grassed open flat’, ‘low ironbark and bloodwood ridges’ and ‘good soil’. Collection of the Queensland State Archives

Original scale: 
8 miles to an inch
Survey Office, Department of Public Lands
Publication place: 
Date captured: 
26 October 2010
Date created: 
26 October 2010
Date issued: 
1 January 1902
Collection of the Queensland State Archives
Durundur , QLD