Brigalow land sale, 1968

Brigalow land sale, 1968. Plan for Brigalow land sale advertising six blocks west of Rockhampton. These were part of a land development scheme for the Fitzroy Basin. As stated on the plans, conditions of purchase were governed by the 'Lands Acts, 1962 to 1968' and the 'Brigalow and other Lands Development Act,1962 to 1967'. The plans were drawn by the Survey Office and published by the Department of Lands. Good quality plans could be purchased from the Survey Office.This plan was for free distribution. Collection of the Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying, DERM, Brisbane

Department of Lands
Date captured: 
8 April 2011
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8 April 2011
Department of Environment and Resource Management, Queensland 2011
Dingo, QLD
23° 38' 45.8268" S, 149° 19' 51.2148" E