Caiwarro and Currawinya, 1953

Caiwarro and Currawinya, 1953. Following the sub-division of the neighbouring Tinnenburra property, in 1950 AML&F purchased shares in the Paroo Pastoral Company thereby gaining access to the extensive Caiwarro and Currawinya holdings. AML&F invested considerable funds into developing the lease. The key to this map shows that by 1953, 322 mile of new fencing had been built. In addition to this, AML&F intended to establish four new bores and renew installations at seven others. Over three years, the company had already renewed 22 bore facilities. Maps such as these demonstrate how companies like AML&F mobilised large amounts of capital to develop pastoral leases, raise stock carrying capacities and increase profits. Collection of the Noel Butlin Archives, Canberra

Original scale: 
Two miles to an inch
Date captured: 
4 February 2015
Date created: 
4 February 2015
Collection of the Noel Butlin Archives, Canberra